Seasonal Small Stuff

What is the size and shape of your memento collections? I am nostalgic. I keep lots of little things, I love them. Bits and bobs I've picked up from places I've lived, places I've visited, trinkets that commemorate place, artifacts that hold moments in time, random items of delight! I have more of these things than I can count; more than we can enjoy at one time. Aside from the fact I don't want to dust a hundred little things weekly, I also like for each precious thing to have its moment. Its opportunity in the spotlight, so I can linger for a bit in the memory or feeling it evokes. To that end, I store and rotate the display of these items, moving them in and out of focus throughout the year.


There are many storage solutions, but for me, for the small stuff, I have found the easiest way to store my trinkets is in boxes designed for storing Christmas tree ornaments. This feels like a natural best storage fit, as they are a storage solution designed for the ultimate collection of beloved seasonal trinkets.


Many items stand well alone, but I love the playfulness of a collection of items. Clustered together on a shelf, on a tray or within a cloche. There is something magical and intimate about a collection of items as a curio, contained within glass.

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